We are a local church, transformed by the Gospel of Christ, that is seeking to love the Triune God as we honor His Word in our worship, in our lives, in our fellowship and in our communitiesby the grace of God and for His glory.

The Sufficiency of Scripture. The Scriptures are the final authority for faith and practice.  Therefore, we strive to structure our Church according to the Word of God.  We are not perfect, but we are always reforming.

Church Membership. Local church membership is both a privilege and responsibility for believers.  Our membership class clarifies our church’s beliefs, practices, and commitments for prospective members.

A Biblical View of Conversion.  We want to see people truly converted.  Therefore, we regularly proclaim and explain the gospel, and take our time with people who are struggling to understand what it means to repent and believe in Christ.  We are especially careful with children and would never manipulate or rush a child into a decision.

God-honoring Worship. We pursue a worship in spirit and truth when we gather together as a Church on the Lord’s Day.  We do this by using the means that are prescribed in the Word of God for worship–preaching, hearing the Scripture, reading the Scripture, praying, singing and giving.

Pastoral Care. The Lord has blessed us with Elders who take the care of their flock seriously.  They keep watch over our souls “as those who must give an account.”  They do this through faithful preaching and teaching, personal interaction, praying for those under their care, and availability to give help and counsel.

Biblical Community. The Church is not a building but a community of believers who are committed to Christ and to one another.  Therefore, we not only worship together but also seek to love, forgive, encourage and care for each other.

Embrace the Great Commission. Our Savior King authorized His Church to make the nations Christ’s disciples.  To do this we must:

* Bear witness to the truth of the gospel in our life and with our words.

* Disciple one another in right doctrine and Christian living.

* Equip and join with parents to help them bring up their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

* Understand that the Christian faith is a comprehensive worldview that instructs us on how to think biblically about every area of knowledge and every aspect of life.

* Encourage and facilitate the starting of new churches.

* Be actively involved in both local and international missions.