We are a diverse and fun-loving community of young adults who enjoy doing life together while encouraging one another in our walk with Christ. This community results in more effective service to one another, the church, the community, and most importantly, our Lord Jesus Christ. High school graduates, college students, and young persons already pursuing careers are welcome, whether single or married.

Our Sunday night Gathering and Bible Study is the core element of our elaborate and fun schedule. We will be looking deeply into the Bible, the world around us, and our own lives. You will be surprised by what we discover! We would love to have you join us on Sunday nights, and for our other amazing events, service projects, and social gatherings! 

Connect presents an opportunity to create meaningful friendships through fellowship with a diverse group of young adults pursuing Jesus.

Our goal at Connect is three-fold we seek to have each member connect to God, connect to each other and connect to the assembly. Our philosophy is summarized as: Our walk with God is a Community Project!

So come join us and bring a friend, because we enjoy newcomers, learning, having fun, sharing laughs, and discovering all that God wants us to know! We would love to have you join us as we strive to help you Connect.